How You Specialize Makes You Special

Tuesday, April 09, 2013   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

What Makes You So Special What makes you special?

That’s the question on the minds, if not on the lips, of everyone you seek to influence: your prospects, customers, employees, board of directors, boss, etc.

It’s a challenging question that may have a surprisingly simple answer: what makes you special could be how you specialize.

Is yours the only company in your industry in your area that specializes in offering a certain service, or product, or serving a specific client niche?

Or do you specialize in a certain segment of you industry? Like corporate law, or residential remodeling or commercial aviation?

Is yours a geographical specialty? Perhaps you have clients coast to coast, but specialize in serving those, say, in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Where and how you specialize could be your most dynamic differentiator. That’s significant, considering the extent of competition out there.

Do a Google search for you industry in your area, such as “software development companies in Chicago.” You’ll be astonished by the number of listings (in this case, 42,200,000!).

What makes you and others stand out are your special skills, and your special areas of expertise. Promote those skills, that expertise and yourselves accordingly.

Check out the definition of “specialist,” and this is what you’ll find: “ A person who is devoted to a particular occupation, or branch of study or research.

That sounds like you to me.