Differentiate Your Company with Words that "Rock" not "Reek"

Friday, February 15, 2013   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

Say No To Bad WordsDifferentiating your organization depends a lot on the words you choose to use.

Same goes for differentiating yourself.

Question: do the words on your company website, your social media sites and in your marketing materials qualify you for –or disqualify you from – working with your ideal prospects?

To put it bluntly: do your words “rock” or reek?

When it comes to setting your company apart, the word “Only,” of course, rocks. So does the word “First,” as in “We’re the first company to offer this technology.”

In contrast, words like “creative,” “organizational,” and “responsible” are vague and overused.

In other words, they reek.

LinkedIn did a survey of 187 million user profiles and came up with this list of “buzzwords  (and phrases) to ban:”



Extensive experience

Track record



Problem solving



Team player

Problem solver



Too many organizations play the “same game” in their marketing, resorting to these and other worn out words that too many of their competitors use, too often.

Stand out from the pack by using words that spell out your specialness, and amplify the benefits you offer.

Rather than referring to yourself as “results-oriented,” for example, point out that you helped the company boost sales by 125%.