Brand Yourself! Create Your YOU-nique Selling Proposition

How to pinpoint and promote your personal brand is what this powerful program is all about.

Discover how to stand out from your competitors by spelling out your specialness and sharing your brand with your most important prospects.

Learn the million dollar personal branding word that will help you “Wow!” any prospect, any time. And get to know the two simple branding tools that will help you establish yourself as a uniquely-qualified, 1-of-a-kind expert.

It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the services and products you sell. But the one thing people can’t get elsewhere is YOU.

You’ll walk away from this enlightening, entertaining and interactive presentation with “how to’s” and insights on increasing your impact, influence and income.

Sell Yourself! Get Them to Buy from YOU

The most important sale you’ll ever make is the Personal One!

Here’s everything you need to know to blow your horn, toot your flute, achieve peak performance, and master basic selling skills through personal promotion.

Based on the best-selling book by the same name, the program shows you how to communicate with confidence and presenting yourself with polish. It focuses on how to make yourself memorable on-line, in print and in person.

Attend this program, and you’ll get a step by step approach to “self-selling” – ranging from personal and social networking to using self promotion to turn contacts into contracts, overcome price objections, and close sales.

Market Smart! Make a Big Splash for Little Cash

Some of the most powerful promotion that business professionals can do costs the least. Some, in fact, costs nothing at all!

This enriching program introduces you to the low cost, no cost promotion techniques that will help you do million dollar marketing on a shoestring budget.

You’ll learn online, in person and print strategies that will enable you to make a maximum impact for a minimal investment of money and time.

Give us 90 minutes, and we’ll give you cutting-edge, moneysaving marketing tips, techniques and tricks that can take to the bank.

Personal Branding Brainstorm