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Victory Vocabulary (Laminated Card)

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17 seconds.

That’s how much time you have to catch the attention of key prospects. After that, you’ve lost it – and them – forever.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The words you choose to use can seal or sour the deal.

When it’s winning words you want, it’s the Victory Vocabulary you need.

What we have here is a list of the 75 most compelling words and phrases that business professionals can use in describing who they are and what they do.

Words like “Expert,” and “Award-winning,” and “Special.”

And, of course, “Only,” as in “I’m the area’s only interior designer who….”

The Victory Vocabulary includes the terms that the world’s leading professionals use to market themselves in person, in print and online. Here are the words that show up in their websites, blogs, social networking profiles and promotional materials.

All 75 words are listed on one side of the handy pocket card, the flip side of which contains ten key “Self Promotion Success Principals” for design professionals.

Practical, yet powerful principals such as: “Accept credit where credit is due, and promote it when you get it.”

Put it all together, and here’s the winning formula: 75 Winning Words + 10 Powerful Principals = 1 Outstanding Self Promotion Tool.

What’s so valuable about the Victory Vocabulary is that it helps you close the most important sale you’ll ever make: the Personal Sale.

These are the words that belong in the critically-important profiles that you create for yourself and your team, online and in print.

For too many indviduals, their bios are more of a bust than a boost. The “About Us” sections on their websites undersell them, and fail to inform others what makes them stand out.

You can use the words from your Victory Vocabulary to create a killer bio that will position you as the star that you are.

You can’t pack a lot of words into that 17 second window you have to make that fabulous first impression.

Quality, not quantity counts.

And the Victory Vocabulary is your go-to resource for quality and winning words.

Victory Vocabulary (Laminated Card)

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