Where and How Your Bio Can Boost You

02-Sep-2014   |  Author: Fred Berns 

Perhaps you’ve heard the old expression: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Well, that applies in how you appear in print, as well as in person. That’s’ why your personal promotion profile needs to “Pop!”

Your bio is your single most vital, valuable and versatile marketing tool.

If you can’t find the time in coming weeks to do any other marketing, find the time to do this: write, or revise your bio in a way that really spells out your specialness. Or hire someone to do it for you.

Tell me you don’t have the time or money to do this, and I’ll tell you to make the time. Or, find the money. You can’t afford not to have a bio that positions you as uniquely-qualified, one-of-a–kind business professional.

So what’s the big deal about having a knock-their-socks off bio? The big deal is that you can use your bio…

  • in the “About” section of your website
  • in your Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn and other social media profiles
  • as a “fee justifier,” when you’re presenting — or raising — your rates
  • in online directories
  • as an email attachment, when you confirm appointments with prospects. (“Looking forward to our meeting. I’ve attached some background info.”)
  • as a link in your proposals (“For more on my background and qualifications, click here”)
  • as a link in your email “signature”
  • as a personal introduction, when you enter a competition
  • as resource material for the media (reporters, editors, producers, bloggers, etc.)
  • to update your personal reference list, so they can more effectively refer you
  • as a “positioning” piece, when you seek speaking engagements
  • in catalogues promoting your seminars, courses, classes, workshops, etc.
  • as background material when you participate in a business or networking event
  • as “about the author” information in your articles, columns, and blogposts
  • as collateral, when seeking corporate sponsorships, partnerships, underwriting, etc.
  • as a joint marketing tool, that allied professionals could distribute to their clients
  • as an attachment, with new product or service announcements
  • as a supplement to your resume, when applying for a job with another company.

Make your personal profile your priority this Fall. Include a Killer Bio in your marketing by Oct. 1.

If you’re up to doing that, go for it. If not, contact me (303-589-3013; [email protected]) and I can write it for you.


Promotional bios are one of several marketing materials that Fred Berns develops for business professionals.