Use "News" to Maintain Their Attention

29-Jan-2013   |  Author: Fred Berns 

So, you’ve pinpointed and promoted your “Only” phrase.

Great! You just took a key step toward gaining the attention of your company’s most powerful prospects.

But how do you maintain that attention? How do you maintain top-of-the-mind awareness among those you seek to influence?

Here’s where you need to share your organization’s latest and greatest news.

That news could be that your company recently signed a major client. Or added a new product line. Or expanded your staff. Or won an award.

Or you could share news about numerous other timely developments in your company.

But when and how do you share the good word?

I suggest you get the word out four ways a day. Follow that 4-a-Day formula, and that comes to more than 1000 marketing maneuvers a year.

That’s powerful promotion.

There are, of course, dozens of ways to market your message each day. Here’s a few, to get you started with your 4-a-Days:

• Post the news in your blog

• Distribute a news release to an industry publication or online outlet

• Share your news through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels

• Spread the news, informally, through your network of industry and media contacts

• Contact forums, discussion groups and other blogs

• Post the information on your website home page

• Include it in a ezine or newsletter

• Distribute it to your database via email

• Include it in your voicemail message

• Add it to your email signature

Make it your top priority to serve others first, by providing tips and suggestions that will boost their business, and improve their lives. After supplying that information, you can and should include something about yourself – and your latest news.